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South Jersey 

Enjoy our Thrifting Log beginning with spots in the Cape May, Atlantic & Cumberland Counties of Southern New Jersey. If we visit spots while we are traveling, we will post our results here as well! 

 Thrifting Information

Sweet, small spot. Clothing & household. Hunt & find. Owner present, so negotiating or bundling could be possible. Dig into the low spots & behind stuff for treasure. Very friendly. Parking can be challenging, but a few spots at Charlie's next door are usually available/allowed.

Sherry's Thrift Store

Second Chance Boutique

Mid Size store, have moved yet again to the former Stillwater Stress & prior to that, Knight’s Pharmacy. Pricing is fair, Clothing & household items. Furniture. Jewelry cases, C'mas room. Friendly & helpful. Pricing pretty firm, delivery is sometimes available. Center of shopping downtown, close to 3 more repurposing retailers & dozens of other retailers. Street parking. Pay meters in season.

Lifegate Thrift Store

I am listing this store on a recommendation of another seasoned thrifter! Unfortunately, their hours completely conflict with my week, so I haven't had the opportunity to visit but my thrifting friend raved about it!  (Fair prices) If you are stopping at Shore Memorial Thrift, this is right across street.  Only open W,Th,F 10-4. Here's a website.


Small store stuffed full of goodies in middle of downtown OC.  Business benefits a cancer cause, very friendly people. Busy in summertime. Lots of merchandise turnover. Feed meters during season.

Oh Sea Thrift

Really nice spot! Several rooms of stuff. Mostly household, but some clothing as well. Prices are mid to fair.  Very friendly owners.  Check hours before you drive. Close to formerly listed Second Chance & downtown (next to police dept.). Street parking. Pay meters in season.

Mew To You

959 Asbury Ave., Ocean City, NJ 08226

I have found some of my favorite treasures here over the years. However, the pricing can be high.. (Does a lot of googling & taping to merchandise). No clothing except purse here & there. Household including kitchen & decor. Books, children's items, jewelry, Disney. This is a cat rescue & unfortunately...well let's just say, I don't mind wearing a mask.. Downtown location as well. Street parking. Pay meters in season.

Shore Memorial Thrift

I think this may be my first thrift store (for me, that means late 80's)  The Shore Thrifts are well-known to the locals, & are popular donation sources for the cause. Prices have risen in recent years as thrifting has expanded.. But these stores never disappoint. While it is not the largest by far, it's well sorted & displayed. Both clothing & household, all categories except furniture. (Might be a sm. piece once in a while)  No negotiating ever. Parking is easy anytime (located in a Target strip). Instead of frequent shoppers card, customer receives Shore Dollars for next visit, based on purchase amount. Bring your own bags.

Shore Memorial Thrift

Run by same organization as above, this smaller store (by half) is worth the effort. Same items, less of them. BTW if you want to donate to either of these stores, don't break the rules! (Website is linked to their addresses.) Parking no issue.

Crooked Tail Thrift Shop

Right in the heart of Sea Isle City, just a block from the beach, this sweet little spot occupies the nicest volunteers so far. There's a clothing room (I've only visited it 2x) & a book room, but the front porch & main room are filled with household things. Cash is necessary. Pricing is very good. Parking is a little tough in summer, but other times street spot out front usually available. Their hours are very limited. 

St. Damien Thrift

If you can work around their open hours, than it's worth seeing for sure. This small spot just off the main (9th Street) into OC always has me leaving with more than one bag full somehow. Household, clothing, kitchen, children, shoes, jewelry. No furniture unless a piece or 2 fit in somehow or is under the exterior steps. Definitely a treasure digger's playground. Parking never a problem because if the street is full, public lot across street. Facebook page.

VIM Thrift

Very well organized/managed thrift with great turnover of items. Clothing is color/size on racks, household items throughout. Craft items, baby/kids, jewelry, sm. appliances, art. Noticed recently that they have raised pricing through research of retail value. But it's always worth the trip. 2 Locations, purchase stamp available. I like both locations equally. Rewards Card available.

Atlantic Co. Locations

2 different places, size-wise & pricing. The large, EHT store is great for utility household items like stuffed pillows & window things, trash cans. But the decor has now been separated there & the valuable items are as expensive as reg. retail. Shame. There is a designer nook which, of course if more $$ but definitely worth seeing. Small Ventnor store is a little treasure hole in the wall, jam-packed with same type things. Pricing seems better, & I leave there feeling like I scored a few treasures. Both stores have rewards cards, but make sure it's your Atlantic Co. card (other counties not honored.)

ARC of Cape May

This store is where my best friend, thrifting obsessed partner & I go when we're dedicating a good part of our day to it. (There's another store around the corner that is amazing.) It's been thinned out recently, & they added a designer section. Everything there including furniture. They know their retail value & put stuff behind locked chests with signs to get help. But the quantity is fun to rummage through. Rewards Program Card (CM Co. only).

St. Mary's Thrift Shop

Climbing to the top of my list & a stone's throw from ARC of Cape May, this shop is still fairly priced. It's like going to a thrift store years ago where you still find things for $1. They have everything. It is several stores in a strip mall connected. When I go, I come away with so much more than I anticipated because it's hard to walk away from the deal. Years ago I scored my green Soreno glass dishes set there which I use daily now. We have been going there since their old location...still so much fun.

Etcetera Shop

Nicely managed, not bad pricing, really friendly. No furniture, but always have those clearance sales in back. Good kid's clothes, nice decor pieces. I wouldn't say this is a place I'd go to singly unless it was around the corner, but it is definitely a stop when I'm in the area. Now have rewards cards, too. 

I have linked the mapping for these nationwide stores. My 3 stores are EHT, NJ, Cape May Ct. House, and Vineland. The Cape May Ct. House store is the best of those 3. I'm not sure I would actually return to the Vineland store.  Unlike most thrifts, these stores are always furniture first. No clothing, some household decor & appliance. For furniture finds, begin at Restores wherever you are. In Kingston, NY, the store is amazing. Turns over frequently. They have a system of staggering pricing. A piece starts out high, if not sold by certain date, price lowers 2X. I've never had a piece last long enough for the 3rd price drop. Well oiled repurposing business. Reward cards available.


701 High St N, Millville, NJ 08332

Cheapest Furniture ever! No clothing, just furniture, rugs, some decor, some old random stuff like sm. appliances (very little). Willing to negotiate, so fair and generous. This spot is about 45+ minutes from my home but it's worth my trip. There's a Goodwill up the road from this one, so I can really make my drive worth-while. They have a furniture restorer on board here who must volunteer. She grabs pieces from their donations & chalk paints/restores the hardware pretty nicely and resells at the store. Tip: Millville, NJ is the home of Wheaton Glass & an important place in American glass history, so the thrift stores have glass, sometimes lots of it, cheap. (See my bio re: my maternal ancestry.) 

If you are reading this information, you are most-likely familiar with Goodwill. I have listed it because it exists in my area, closest being the one on Cardiff Circle, EHT, NJ. This store has what they all have which is a lot. it's not that clean, but there is so much stuff that when I'm making a serious thrift store search it would be silly to skip it. Donating is easy, just pull up at that back anytime (unlike other stores that have begun to limit their donation days.) Frequent rewards available at some. Goodwill in Shelton, WA is nicer than mine. They do vary in cleanliness & size. Millville, NJ is pretty huge, and always find things there. 

This thrift is a place I visit when I'm in this area for other reasons. It's not nearby, but it's an amazing, huge spot with everything. (These stores are in 9 states nationwide.) Organized like a Goodwill, filled to the brim. Every shelf is a dig-through opportunity. Tons of small appliances, isles of household categories, and many aisles of clothing. Really popular, long lines that circle around but worth the trip & the wait. During my last visit, in line I met a girl who had her arms full of everything leather she could find. She is an accessory designer.

Shore Thrift LLC

5022 Wellington Ave, Ventnor City, NJ 08406

I don't believe this is a benefit for Shore Memorial like the other 2 I have listed. This is privately owned with a collectible feeling to it. Some "2 for's" baskets of jewelry/small items, some furniture, books, interesting masks & the like. Need to walk around this small store at least twice. It was cash only when I was there recently. Just outside Atlantic City proper.

Second Chance Thrift

The location of this store is in a retail/commercial area frequented by most people in my community, so it's convenient to stop in. Very friendly, has a fair amount of stuff, refreshes inventory. Some furniture like sofas, mirrors, artwork, even rugs. Some jewelry, decor.

6400 Black Horse Pike, EHT, NJ 08244

On A Mission Thrift

363 S Main St, Pleasantville, NJ 08232

I'm not really sure how to describe this place. If you are on the brave side, and not willing to pass up the opportunity of a hidden gem, give it a try. The furniture is really worth hunting for. It's a large space which is very haphazardly displayed, with a 3-sided loft upstairs of clothing, handbags & books. In the very back, depending on who's working, you can slip in & find a ton more furniture. Never, ever know what to expect there. Pricing is not bad, nor is it consistent. Last I was there, the $5 bag filler room had dissipated. 

ACRM Charity Thrift

Small spot on Tilton Road in Northfield across from Produce Jct. where you can make a stop at the other 2 spots there.  Odd group of very inexpensive stuff. Prices are always low. Found art supplies for kids projects there, but can’t say I’ve made a memorable score there, but when I’m nearby I stop. They open later in the a.m. usually, check their schedule.

221 Tilton Road, Northfield, NJ 08225

The Asbury Attic

825 Asbury Ave., Ocean City, NJ 08226

Brand new spot! Also downtown Ocean City, really small with mostly accessories, clothes, decor. Some beachie stuff (naturally), but mostly random things as usual, really sweet. Very friendly and welcoming. On Asbury Avenue you have blocks of retail opportunity, including a nice sized consignment called Stainton's (formerly a dept. store). Facebook page updats.

169 South Delsea Drive, Glassboro, New Jersey 08028

Use the link to get ALL the info you need for this amazing new find!  It's a drive for me, but check out the other gems in the area & it's worth the time! Pricing is key here: lowest prices I've seen in a long time. Gems to be found. Many day discounts that are significant. Lots of large items in this former bowling alley. (I scored a Blenko (sticker intact) lg. Water Bottle!)

2149 Delsea Drive, Franklinville, NJ 08332

An estate sale run by this company led me to their little amazing store on Delsea Drive. It's a consignment full of sweet finds at really good prices. It's bigger inside than it looks from the road, and the people are nice enough to stop and talk to even if you find nothing. They do live shows for their vendors on facebook live. Check out their website also.

Not thrift stores, but excellent sources (consignment) for everything vintage.  The Woodbine store is filled in several buildings. dozens of vendors. Ocean View is one building, every vendor worth the trip! Announcing: Shorely Vintage will be opening a spot in the Ocean View store beginning April 1, 2024!  

3071 US. 9 Ocean View, NJ and

602 Washington Ave. Woodbine NJ

Stay tuned for many more thrift Store reviews.

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