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Passionate for cool looking items with interesting backgrounds, Rainey Hansen, owner and creator of Shorely Vintage, has spent the past 3 decades decorating an 1800's vintage seashore home with items she has a passion for finding. 6 years ago she expanded her talents for others to share when she opened her store in Staintons Gallery, Ocean City, New Jersey. However, it is time to move on to more fitting venues and retailers such as CAP'T SCRAP 's ATTIC (3071 US-9, Ocean View, NJ 08230) and BAREFOOT MARKET, (214 West Ave., Ocean City NJ 08226) and more to come soon! And now you can order items online.


In addition to vintage finds, Rainey expresses her South Jersey heritage of glass blowing through the creation of beautiful glass art using salvaged glass pieces.


We are also proud and excited to announce the development of Shorely Vintage Affairs: An opportunity to rent some of our most prized pieces, in a collection of your creation, for your most important celebrations. Click here to visit our Shorely Vintage Affairs page.


Read more here.


How does the rental "Shorely Vintage Affairs" work?
Instructions and procedures for rentals are clearly explained on our Shorely Vintage Affairs page. Contact us if you need further clarafication.


How can I purchase a Vintage Find, Pillow or Glass Garden Art?


Please see part of our merchandise on this site for purchase. For Pillows  please contact us directly. 


To SPECIAL ORDER Garden Art, Refer to our Garden Art Page for examples or email us:

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